Cedric Gautier rose to fame as an international DJ Kaio and French tv show star. In many of his travels he visited the beautiful Thailand where he fell in love with the art of Muay Thai and started to train under the world's most famous Ajarn Gae.

Ten years of strenuous and disciplined training and fighting molded him into a knowledgeable, relentless, enthusiastic trainer as well.

Four yours ago he turned his dream into reality and together with Ajarn Gae he opened his first Elite Fight club location in Bangkok and two years after his second location Elite fight club in Huahin where they managed the career of world class fighters.

Cedric is a very detail oriented, relentless trainer who is gonna make you sweat and cry but leaving the class on the next level.



Kru San Sitmonchai, the big man, has gained through his hard work the reputation of one of the best Muay Thai trainers in the world. Kru San grow up fighting in Isaan. But his gym at the time was unable to find him opponents so he shifted his focus on training other fighters at the legendary Sit-O gym in Khorat. Kru San’s attention to detail, his punctuality, tough approach and good knowledge of english with the smile on his face made him one of the favorite trainers for people who really want to improve their skills.

His specialty is femur and IQ fight style and putting his fighters through the paces. Kru San is a very strict but fair teacher who makes sure he gets the results done.


Kru Chai was born and bread into a Muay Thai family. He grew up fighting, but at a very young age he injured his leg and was forced to quit professional fighters world. He didn't give up and decided to dedicate his life to help others achieve their Muay Thai dreams and goals. 


He has been a Muay Thai teacher for decades and raised some of the biggest names in Nak Muay industry. 

Kru Chai is favorite among the kids of all ages in Huahin. He has an incredible patience and love for teaching the smallest of the warriors.